1 Tuned Acoustic grand Piano
1 Fender Rhodes Electric Piano
1 Honer Clavinet (if available)
1 Little Phatty Moog Synth
1 Piano Bench or keyboard Throne
1 Double Tier Keyboard Stand
1 large three input Keyboard Amplifier


Slingerland, Ludwig, Gretsch or Rogers. Preferably vintage-70s or earlier
20″ bd (14″ depth), 13″ tom, 14″ or 16″ floor tom (with legs)
2 snares, 1 metal and 1 wood
metal: 5 or 5 1/2″ x 14″ ludwig supraphonic, ludwig acrolite or similar
wood: 5 or 5 1/2″ x 14″ Gretsch roundbadge or similar
Remo Coated Ambassador heads or similar on all drums

1st choice Gibralter/2nd choice Yamaha
single braced lightweight cymbal stands (3)
lightweight High Hat Stand
3 snare stands
yamaha 7210 bd pedal
throne (NOT hydraulic)
Istanbul, Zildjian Constantinople or Dream
(thin and vintage prefered)
20″ ride, 18 or 16″ crash, 14 or 15″ High Hats


bass amplifier:  one Aguilar DB751 Amplifier
bass cabinet:  one Aguilar 4 x 12″ speaker enclosure or one 8 x 10″ speaker enclosure
2nd choice: one Ampeg SVT ( classic or II pro) Amplifier & one Ampeg 8 x 10″ speaker enclosure
2 guitar stands

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