Trio Feral Music


TRIO FERAL:  Bill Campbell—Drums, Vocals on ‘Wear It Down’  Jonathan Maron— Bass, Synth Bass, Guitar  Barney McAll—Synthesizers, Piano, Clavinet, Chucky, Vocals on ‘Medium Is The Message,’ and ‘Wear It Down’

GUESTS:  Mike Doughty— vocals on ‘Yep’ and ‘Dolliver’  Lady Reignicorn—vocals on ‘ Tell Me’  Riley McMahon—acoustic guitar on ‘yep’  Shannon Barnett— trombone choir on ‘Daddies Mommies’  Recorded by Riley McMahon at New Warsaw Studios and by Robin McMillan at Media Blitz  Mixed by Riley McMahon at New Warsaw Studios  Mastered by Hiroyuki Sanada at Command+Z Studios NYC  Produced by Trio Feral with Riley McMahon

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